Octoshape is leading the next evolution of video delivery over the Internet, focusing on the highest quality, highest scale, and sustainable economics.

Octoshape uses a unique throughput optimization technology that is not susceptible to latency and packet loss like TCP or chunked HTTP based protocols. This allows Octoshape to have the highest probability of delivering HD video into last mile, as well as penetrating deeper into the audience. Many technologies claim this, but when there is contention in the last mile or in the core, these other technologies fall apart and are forced to rely on their “bit rate adaption technologies”. While Octoshape supports Adaptive Bit Rate, it is far less dependent on them than TCP-based technologies are. For us, that means more video at higher quality.

Octoshape supported the United States presidential inauguration in 2008, which had the largest number of simultaneous viewers of any event ever on the Internet. The event served over 1.34 million simultaneous live viewers. The Infinite Edge technology, which is proprietary to Octoshape, uses a unique grid delivery system to enable audiences larger than ever before achievable on the Internet. In events where standard delivery break down, the Infinite Edge technology combined with the throughput optimization technologies deliver the highest quality video, to the largest audiences to date on the Internet.

Octoshape’s technologies have flipped content distribution network (CDN) models on their heads. They enable CDN’s to deploy fewer hosts in more centralized geographic locations, while still delivering a higher quality experience than any other platform today. This allows us to offer a sustainable and cost-effective product to our clients.

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