Live streaming

Broadcast live events

Capturing, Encoding and Streaming Live Events

Some of the events IKUNA has transmitted over the years include:

  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Concerts and Festivals
  • Sporting and Entertainment Events
  • Corporate Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Investor Conferences
  • Press Conferences
  • Product Releases
  • 24/7 Radio and TV Broadcasts.

The businesses that benefit most often from our webcasting services include mass media outlets, event production companies, video production companies, web producers, hotels and convention centers, educational institutions, culture and arts centers, health centers, and content producers.

Remote Slide Synching

The application is ready for dynamic and ongoing imports by executing  ‘verification and tracking’ scripts, FTPs or content from external servers. We can import text files, XML, CSV, compressed files and media files according to the requirements of each project.

Social Network Integration

When it comes to social consumption, video content is king: over 50% of videos we see on the network are due to suggestions from friends or social networking recommendations. The Ikuna video player offers possibilities including:

  • Video Embed Code:
    Used to embed a video into any website or social network, such as Facebook.
  • Network publication:
    Direct video links to post and comment on within sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.
  • Send:
    Can be sent by email, directly from the platform itself to desired addresses.
  • Download:
    If desired, you can enable the video to be downloaded in multiple formats.

Multi-Platform Transmissions

Streaming directly to videogame consoles and TVs is a reality. We work so our events are accessible from as many devices as possible. Currently, we offer audio and video streaming for web browsers, iPhone, iPad, SmartTV´s and mobile and tablet Android devices.


Content Delivery Networks

A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of servers deployed in multiple data centers for global, high-speed distribution of content. CDNs prevent digital rubber-necking by operating on fiber-optic networks, intelligent network routing, load balancing, and speeds that are several times faster than those of the Internet. Our events are distributed through CDN technology partners like Edgecast and Highwinds.


The live streaming service has measures that help prevent the theft or inappropriate use of a signal, so content producers can monetize it. The protocols we offer include SWF Authentication, content encryption for PC, MAC and iPhone and iPad devices, and the use of hardware tokens.


Geographical Restrictions

The geo-blocking interface, a feature of interest to clients who want to limit the countries or regions where they’d like to distribute their content, allows authorization or blocking of events based on the end user’s country.

User Registration

Allows closer control over the use of the content and serves as a channel for users new to social networks or customer databases. Includes custom registration fields, required fields, customizable labels, multi-language texts and remote authentication for pre-existing client databases.

Powerpoint syncronization

Everything that’s happening in the auditorium is transmitted to the user’s screen: video, audio, live questions, presentations projected on third devices – in real time and high quality.

  • Video
  • +
  • Projected
  • +
  • Audio
  • +
  • Live

You can read more and see examples of our PowerPresenter in our special section.

Multi-lingual streaming

We get the most out of Adobe Flash’s capabilities to transmit events in two languages using only one set-up to capture the stream. The video player includes one button that allows the user to easily toggle between languages.


Discover your target audience. Our analytics will give you a granular report of who’s watching your event. You’ll know: the number of users, total time and average time per visit, city and state, per-hour consumption, connection device, browser used, volume of data transfer, and more.


More than half the videos we watch on the Internet are accessed via referrals made by friends or contacts in social networks. You’ll be able to integrate Facebook and Twitter comments, a native chat interface, shortened hyperlinks, live questions, and real-time video filters.


We have the capability to make events hearing impaired accessible. We have the ability to incorporate a second sign-language feed or subtitles made by a stenographer on-site or off site.


We offer alternative channels thanks to our partners specializing in mobile connections: 3G and HSPA+ aggregators, radiolink (LMDS) connections or satellite connections.

For more information, see Fibrasat.

Professional Encoding Units

We build our encoding units to incorporate advanced technology into our hardware and our software. They’re designed for encoding and transmitting in high-stress environments during short events or continuous, 24-7 streams.

Audiovisual Production

Multi-camera production, live title integration, Power Point presentation integration, sign language interpreters, real-time closed captioning, Skype signal integration, local video clip integration, Picture in Picture effects, Chroma Key, and high-definition recording (Apple Pro Res 4:2:2).