Custom video portals

Web TV Portals

Portales de vídeo personalizados

The Video Webcaster is a platform for corporate-use web TV portals. It allows for easy management, publication, distribution, rent or sale of videos or entire video libraries.
The Video Webcaster’s key functionalities are:

  • Precise management of on-demand and live web TV portals.
  • Video coding for web and mobile device reproduction of any quality.
  • Compatible administrator to navigate the site via iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly coding for each page generated.
  • Advertising manager (Compatible with Vast 2.0)
  • Program guide through the Pseudo-Live system.
  • Easy site management for front-end administrative users.
  • Easily integrates with the client’s existing audiovisual data bases.
  • Easy and intuitive professional manager of archived multimedia files.
  • Upload Once, Publish Twice: automated sync with the client’s YouTube channel.
  • Administrative pages with tiered clearance levels (for instance, by section or allowing read-only capabilities.)

Automatic Conversion of Videos

Optimized in-server encoding automatically allows both customers and registered users to upload, encode and publish video through a web connection. By consolidating export profiles, the webmaster can be certain that the media will be transmitted in a standardized format. You can define elements such as video size, image quality (bitrate), audio quality and encoding in several steps (Multi-Pass Encoding).


A tool that enables the search process within the entire web TV platform, as well as search for matches in the ‘title’ and ‘description’.  It also can search for field keywords or tags that are not visible to the user . In its advanced version, it allows the user to filter / refine the contents of additional fields such as: most recent, most viewed, most searched, most discussed, top rated, most downloaded, by category, subcategory, etc.

Avatar Selection

The system offers the possibility to choose an image for display in the WebTV portal using the system’s visual time line. It takes just one click.

Channels and Sub-channels

Distribute content more easily by creating an unlimited number of channels and sub channels within WebTV. Each video uploaded to the system is categorized using metadata from a customizable form. This information is then used for SEO, URL generation, and within the search page.

User Registration

A comprehensive user registration system to define user type, manage the account, upload videos, write comments, and vote for items or add to your “favorites”. Registered users can write to each other through an internal mail system with inbox and outbox trays.


We’ve integrated social networks to WebTV portals to help distrubute content and maximize impact.  It is also the starting point for a viral campaign. Users can post updates to Facebook or Twitter directly from the page.Additional, we can integrate comment modules to allow visitors to generate debates and discussions around a video.

YouTube Interface

It is the Upload Once Publish Twice method. Increase your opportunities to visualize content. In just one easy step, this interface uploads your videos to YouTube, encodes them, and simultaneously posts them to your website and your YouTube channel.

Content Protection

Playback of videos can be limited to only be visible from a single domain (eg www.paginacliente.com) or a list of domains. Content may be protected by username and password to set the level of access to certain videos (free, PPV), which is ideal for  online video rental platforms. We can insert watermarks within individual frames, use encrypted protocols like RTMPE streaming, security tokens and player authentication so that only those video players can connect to the authorized streaming servers to reproduce the signal.

Content Distribution

Ikuna distributes the content of its customers through global high-speed  Content Distribution Networks  (CDN) that deliver both video and static content in a fast, efficient and ‘intelligent’ manner, bypassing typical internet bottlenecks. Our main technology partners are EdgeCast CDN and Highwinds, which have their own interconnection nodes in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. Another technology that is distributed is Octoshape, a comprehensive coding and CRC platform which processes very high quality video, currently being used by global sports leagues and massive events to distribute HD content via HTTP.