Power Presenter

Slides synchronization

Powerpoint syncronization

PowerPresenter is a platform that enables corporate broadcasts to be live streamed with real-time synchronization of presentation slides with integration of audience questions, surveys, downloadable documents and social networks, all in a highly customizable multi-language and multi-platform interface.

Virtual Conference Room

The in-room graphics projected are synchronized with the video to offer a faithful simulation of the actual environment. Information can also be provided by the audience in the form of questions or surveys which is extremely valuable since it offers users a high level of interactivity. In addition to the ability to reach many geographically dispersed users at once, it allows expert speakers from around the world to virtually convene in one place before a global audience.



Slide Synchronization with Video

We retain the original quality of each of the presentation slides of the event including all animations and transitions. Each change in slide animation is recorded live into the system so that users watching the presentation delayed or on-demand can browse by chapters, as if it were a DVD.

User Registration

Institutions and corporations will benefit from an advanced form creation system and registration processes, which includes areas such as: complete user identification, field acceptance Imprint / Disclaimer or activation of mandatory fields. The registration form is customized with the client’s corporate image and can be made available in several languages. The platform also supports any supplied pre-existing customer database files and remote connection (Remote Authentication), all under strict safety protocols.


User Interaction in Webinars

The webcast window allows the integration  of user chats, social networking comment blocks and live questions from the audience ideal for webinars. Questions submitted by users move to a ‘waiting room’ where the moderator can print, edit, delete or approve them to be  displayed for the speaker. After the event the customer can download the questions for subsequent management.

Event Program

The webcast includes a welcome screen where any pertinent event information can be included: schedule, speakers, documents for download, and bios. The welcome screen may also include tabs for multiple-day events. Each program presentation can be an independent webcast or grouped in sessions (morning/evening/entire day) during a single event.

Real Time Statistics

During live streamed events with slide synchronization, the system includes a control panel with a visualization of the number of current and average number of users connected at any given time. In events where registration is required, analytics will also include applicable name and e-mail address per connection.


Chapter Navigation

All “marks” (actions performed by the host) that are made during the live presenation  (changing slides, animation changes, presenter name added,  arrangement changes, etc.) are recorded in the system. When creating the On-Demand content, these elements can be rearranged as desired and chapters (which are generated for each slide change) are automatically generated.


Social Network

The live event’s impact and reach can grow exponentially by harnessing the power of social media. Users can publish status updates to their Facebook and Twitter feeds directly from the webcast interface.