Custom video players

Video Players

Players de vídeo personalizadosIkuna Media creates unique viewing experiences through a highly interactive video player. We developed players for AECID, Agencia EFE, RTVE, Boomerang,, Telefónica and Antena 3, among others.

Ikuna´s video player was developed to be transparently integrated into the design and visual structure of the client page. The player incorporates interactive layers, ad management, captioning, watermarking and social marketing tools.

Our video players support advanced levels of customization (colors, styles, images) and are developed both in OSMF [standard Adobe] as Action Script 3.0. We also have a specific version for iPad.

Advanced Customization

Ikuna´s video player is fully customizable allowing the player to be matched to the client´s corporate image and design scheme for a seamless appearance.   The player can display custom text on the screen, display explanatory bubbles of each button and the keypad and colors can modified. The system allows for audio playback in two languages, with subtitling and the control bar can be displayed externally (fixed) or internal (concealable after user inactivity). Any added visual overlay on the video (as a layer) can have their transparency modified to any level and can display links to any page or online content.

Adaptive Streaming

Dynamic streaming, also known as adaptive or “Smooth Streaming” is a technique which encodes the original video in various bit rates which allows the video to adjust to the customers internet connection speed. This technique ensures the greatest chance of uninterrupted playback due to poor connectivity. The server connects to the streaming video player, dynamically assesses (over the time of viewing) connection speed and automatically adjusts playback quality downward or upward to optimize the viewing experience for the customer and ensure that even users with very slow connection (e.g. 3G mobile equipment in areas of poor coverage) can successfully reproduce the signal.



We include interactive advertising, banners and backgrounds as well as pre-roll, overlay and post-roll advertising.

The player can manage your ad campaigns of ‘banners’ or include ad-server code, compatible with the Vast 2.0 standard, which provides integration with leading worldwide AD-Server platforms.

Live and On-Demand

The player is ready to deliver content on- demand in both progressive download (http) and .rtmp formats from Flash or Wowza servers. The player can connect to the all major global Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and can ‘serve’ both in content and in Flash format HLS (HTTP Live Streaming).



A news ticker can be embedded in the bottom of the player to show up-to-the-minute information, customizable in real time. This text carousel is activated automatically so that the user does not have to reload the page, or the player, to view this content. Its visibility can be customized so that it is shown or hidden when the end user wants it.

Closed Captioning

We offer Closed Captioning for live events using stenotyping and for on-demand videos, we have the capability to load an unlimited number of text files for subtitles in different languages for the video. With one click enabling, the user can select the desired language in which the subtitles are to be displayed.

Technical Specifications

  • Customizable in style, color and image.
  • Video gallery
  • Optimized for fast download
  • Linking and real-time news ticker plug-ins
  • Prepared for dynamic streaming
  • Compatible with OSMF and Action Script 3.0
  • Admits Flash protocols (rtmp, rtmpt, rtmpe, rtmpte, HLS, H.264, SWF, .mp3, .aac and static images)
  • Campatible with the VAST 2.0 advertising system
  • Parameter controls from XML