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Ikuna Media | Spain

  • Emisión de eventos en multiplataformaDelivers high quality events over the Internet and through mobile devices.
  • Emisión de eventos con interación en Twitter y Facebook Engages audience by integrating social media tools.
  • Contenido streming con estadísticas, opción de pago o con inserción de anuncios Monetize your video content and create new revenue streams.

Emisión de evento con sicronización multimedia y registro de usuarios

  • Surveys
  • Questions
  • Social Network and Chat Integration
  • Live and On-Demand Analytics
  • Chapter-by-chapter navigation for On-Demand content.

Video Players

High Level User Engagement

  • Customizable design to match brand image
  • Ads Management
  • Social Network Integration: Links and Chat
  • Paywall Integration: Pay-Per-View (PPV) platform
Players de vídeo personalizados
  • Manage Channels and Sub-Channels
  • User Registration and Social Network Integration
  • Automated Video Conversion
  • Simultaneous publishing of videos to your site and YouTube
  • Content Protection
  • Public and Paid Content Management
  • Detailed Analytics


High Speed Internet via Satellite
Ideal for Events of any Size

  • Guaranteed up to 50Mbps Download / 20Mbps Upload
  • Suitable for Internet and transmission of end-to-end HD/SDI video
  • Fast Set-Up Times (Within a few hours)
  • VDSL Speeds at an ADSL Price!
  • Coverage in Europe*, northern África y the Arabian Peninsula**
    *: Not available in the Canary Islands
    **: Qatar, Bahrein, UAE, Omán and east of Saudi Arabia.

Who We Are

We’re a communications technology company specializing in browser-based audio and video webcasting of live events. As industry leaders with more than 10 years of service, we provide groundbreaking digital solutions that allow our clients to give audiences a greater real-time experience of their events.

IKUNA uses the newest and most reliable content delivery networks in the world (Highwinds, Edgecast, Octoshape) to guarantee fast, intelligent and highly scalable content delivery that can serve hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users anywhere in the world.