Satellite Internet for events

Guaranteed bandwidth for streaming, navigation, WiFi hotspots and transmitting HD-SDI broadcasts.

  • Up to 50 Mbps Download Speed 20 Mbps Upload Speed
  • For Internet and the transmission of end to end HD/SDI video
  • Short setup time required, normally within a few hours.
  • VDSL speeds at an ADSL price
  • Coverage throughout Europe*, the northern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula**
    *: Not available in the Canary Islands
    **: Qatar, Bahrein, UAE, Omán y east of Saudia Arabia.

Designed for Streaming

Internet connectivity is a significant bottleneck for both clients and providers of live streaming. Connection on a 3G network alone does not guarantee rate of flow and can  become easily saturated.    ADSL lines, on the other hand, are subject to technical and geographic limitations.  FibraSat offers connectivity with a minimum download/upload speed of 16mbps/6mbps respectively.   The bandwidth can grow dynamically according to the traffic requirement needs.

Guaranteed Speed

ADSL lines used at events have speed, availability and provisional limitations. With Fibrasat´s satellite internet service, these problems are a thing of the past. We offer short installation times ( within a few hours) and guaranteed upload and download speeds. Fibrasat also offers a premium version which yields connection speeds comparable to that of fiber optic.

Immediate Availability

Can´t schedule in advance and need service now? Not to worry! We are ready to provide connectivity anytime, anywhere. The service kit consists of an antenna (67 cm diameter), tripod, receiver antenna, wiring, satellite modem and a 24 input switch. For end-to-end connections,  we install additional HD-SDI converters in both transmission and reception of low latency video output signals, ideal for professional broadcasters or events that requires high quality audio and video.

Immune to Signal Inhibitors

3G-based mobile connections are often affected by user saturation or signal sweeps caused by inhibitors. The Fibrasat system connects to assigned frequencies exclusive from mobile networks, making it immune to such vulnerabilities,making it a clear choice for use at venues and events of any size and dimension.

Dual Services: Internet and Broadcast

FibraSat is a dual service which allows both the sending and receiving of data (IP connectivity) and broadcast HD / SDI, which traditionally only offered by the VSAT protocol. We offer high-speed internet for events of any size. Event planners can provide connection to their production offices, access control points, press rooms, video walls and streaming equipment. We can even set up wireless networks to deliver scalable and reliable navigation for the audience, which helps cause the event to be made “viral” in real time through social networks.

Leading Technology

We use the Eutelsat satellite fleet, recently strengthened with the addition of KA-SAT satellite, which combines satellite infrastructure and terrestrial fiber cabling. This is a revolutionary formula in the market of IP connectivity services that redefines and optimizes both the technology and the economic sector to markedly reduce costs. This solution is designed to meet the broadband geographical limitations of traditional networks, while ensuring an affordable, high quality and widely available network anywhere and at any time.

Extensive Coverage

FibraSat´s coverage area includes Europe (except Canary Islands), North Africa and parts of the Arabian Peninsula. This broadband service provides high upload and download speeds as well as secure  and reliabe data transmission, regardless of geographic location. Our immediate service connectivity can be customized to meet even the most demanding requirements from customers and end users throughout the coverage area.

Available Speeds


  • 16mbps/6mbps,
  • 18mbps/8mbps,
  • 20mbps/10mbps,
  • 50mbps/20mbps (Available Q1 2013)

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