About Ikuna

The Company

IKUNA is a global communications company specializing in streaming video and audio content of events live over the Internet.

With more than 10 years of offering live streaming solutions, IKUNA has a proven record of providing complete-end-to-end services to clients in many industries – from entertainment to finance to education. We develop cloud-based software that is easily used by large, medium and small companies and their end users.

We bring with us experience in editing, post-production, encoding, management, and video delivery over digital platforms. Our diverse team of professionals, who come from eight different countries, have specialized in webcasting, programming, design and content management – creating an invaluable knowledge base in a field for which no formal training program exists.

We use cutting edge technology to address the sometimes unpredictable challenges in live streaming an event. Our hardware and software tools are designed specifically to make live streaming accessible to clients, so their content can be easily incorporated to their company’s usual communication channels.

Streaming media is a powerful tool that is here to stay. At IKUNA, we use our breadth of experience and technical know-how, and our access to the latest available technology to help our clients harness the power of one of the most promising technologies of the digital revolution – one that users everywhere will increasingly continue to turn to.


  • Andrés F. Valencia


  • Andrea Adiamini


  • Renata Muynarsk


What is “Ikuna”?

IKUNA’s name is rooted in indigenous symbols of success and creativity.

It comes from the Kuna people, an ancient tribe whose home is nestled in the rain forest of the Panama-Colombia border. Their culture is characterized by its social customs, strong political organization, and the traditional clothing its people wear, known as Mola. The Mola is a cotton fabric made of patterns that decorate shirts, skirts, boots and bags. The Mola is characterized for its rich and vibrant designs that reflect daily life, history and rich imagination of the Kuna.

Simultaneously, in the Pacific island of Tonga, “ikuna” is an aboriginal word used in religious or spiritual ceremonies. It means triumph or victory.

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