Highwinds offers one of the fastest CDNs on the planet. By working with them, we harness the power of the company’s RollingThunder® network, a global, private network purpose-built to effectively distribute data and rich media content around the world.

The third-generation architecture used by the RollingThunder network is one of the most reliable and scalable networks in the world. It consists of a ringed, redundant architecture made up of multiple 10 Gbps connections per point of presence (PoP). It also peers with over 800 major ISPs and over 14,000 ASNs, which extends the network to the far reaches of the globe.

Founded in 2002 and headquartered just outside Orlando, Fla., Highwinds maintains 24 data centers throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Partnering with the company allows us to satisfy the most demanding of today’s – and tomorrow’s – digital media consumers. The soaring expectation of users for rich, engaging content, often with high levels of real-time interactivity and animation, requires the continual breakthroughs in delivery infrastructure and services that Highwinds offers.

Since they launched the RollingThunder® network CDN in 2008, Highwinds has used its experience in networking and delivery to distribute content for some of the most important companies on the Internet. The company has broken multiple records, among them streaming the United States presidential inauguration in 2008, during which they delivered 3.8 million hours of content to 7.8 million users, with as many as 625,000 simultaneous users.

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